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The first of March is the feast day of St David, the patron saint of Wales. In Wales and all over the world, Welsh men and women gather together and celebrate St David and all things Welsh through concerts, dinner and processions. Historic tales suggest that St David was a vegetarian who ate only bread, herbs and vegetables and who just drank water. For this reason he is known as the patron saint of vegetarians and vegans! So, to help you celebrate St David’s Day and the early days of Spring we’ve put together some delicious heart-warming vegetarian recipes.

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Celebrate St David’s Day
Enjoy some freshly baked Bara Brith or a traditional Welsh Pancake – a Crempog. Often given to newly arrived family and friends, these quick tasty treats are sure to bring back many happy memories – perfect with a cuppa. If there is still a chill in the air then why not enjoy some perfect comfort food: a delicious savoury Leek & Cheese Muffin or Crumble. Let your taste buds enjoy a cwtch (a warm hug) with those perfectlycombined savoury flavours!

Primary Audience

​This booklet is aimed at anyone celebrating St David’s Day, the arrival of Spring, vegetarianism, and all things Welsh!
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