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Having ready meals delivered directly to your home has become an increasingly popular choice for many people across the UK – particularly those who are more frail. Veggie Meals to your Door shows it’s possible to enjoy the convenience of these meals without having to compromise your vegetarian or vegan principles.

Veggie meals to your door update December 2022                                           

The following companies are now no longer offering services:

5.            Easy Living

7.            First Choice Catering Co.                                                                               

18.          Sodexo

35.          New Norm

37.          Ofishial Food 

The following companies have amended contact information:

8.            Gourmet Meal Care have a new telephone number - 01384 76995.

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Veggie Meals to your Door

For people housebound or kitchen phobic and thinking about having meals delivered in, there is no need to compromise on taste or ethics. Across the UK companies are offering to send a variety of mouth-watering main meals, sides, soups, smoothies and puddings to your door.

Often hand-prepared with well considered ingredients and developed by experienced chefs, dishes are available from around the globe to suit a plethora of palates.


Sometimes they arrive frozen… some are freeze-dried. It has never been easier to find vegetarian or vegan, egg-free or gluten-free food from the comfort of your home. Tuck in!

Primary Audience

An estimated 350,000 older people in the UK are vegetarian or vegan. While most of these are in glowing health and still cook for themselves, others may be more vulnerable. Vegetarian for Life’s 2019 survey suggests that around 7,000 older vegetarians and vegans live in care homes. Others rely on community meals services, such as ‘meals on wheels’, as a lifeline to living independently.

The versatility and convenience of the meals featured in this guide will also appeal to individuals who don’t need support with meals. Available either chilled, frozen or even freeze-dried they easily can match your lifestyle – less waste and less strain on your budget!

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