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Ideal for care home and hospital caterers, this BDA-endorsed publication answers frequently asked questions concerning older vegetarians and vegans, such as:

  • how to stimulate appetite or boost nutrient intake
  • good sources of protein for those on texture modified diets
  • a daily menu plan
  • suggested vegan fortification agents, finger foods, and even vegan options that may be suitable for lower-fibre diets

Published in September 2020 and updated here for 2023 to reflect the latest scientific evidence.

Protein, page 3, 'You don’t need to combine specific protein foods at each meal because your body can store amino acids until needed.

This sentence should now read: 'You don’t need to combine specific protein foods at each meal.’ 

Iodine, page 9, 'Therefore a supplement containing iodine is the most reliable source for vegans.

This sentence should now read: ’Therefore a supplement containing iodine may be the most reliable source for vegans.’ 

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Nutrition Guidelines

As we age, how we eat for health may change over time. It is important to focus on maintaining muscle strength, avoiding unplanned weight loss rather than unwanted weight gain, with a stronger focus on quality and choosing nutrient-rich foods. This guide aims to help older vegetarians and vegans to maintain or improve their health and wellbeing.

Primary Audience

  • Older vegans and vegetarians who would like to know more about nutrition.
  • Those catering for older adults, for example in care homes and hospitals.
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