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Thank you so much for my scooter grant. I took delivery of my new scooter last week.I am enjoying exploring all the things I can now do. I'm booking to have a test to be able to take the scooter on the bus which will open much broader horizons. The weather has conspired against me a bit, but yesterday I did manage to scoot back from the local hospital. I have to say shopping has become a pleasure again. I am so grateful for your help. Thank you for all you do to assist those of us that have been veg*n for many decades. Words cannot express how much this means to me. Love and respect for all.

A grant recipient, upon receiving their new scooter.


The new large fridge-freezer kindly supplied by VfL has made a tremendous and immediate improvement to our life. Now we have more capacity to keep food in stock, which has been desperately needed as getting to a supermarket regularly has been increasingly difficult due to my husband having Alzheimer’s. I am so very grateful to VfL for providing this upgrade to our situation. Many thanks to you all for this life-changing purchase.

A grant recipient, upon receiving her new fridge freezer.


I’ve just read eBites16 and feel good that I’ve now started contributing to V for Life.

A new V for Life Supporter.


Thank you for continuing to run the scheme, it is so good of you. I have had a lovely card from a lady who loves animals, and doing Animal Rights work, it’s so good to hear from people who feel like I do.

Participant in V for Life’s pen- and phone-pal scheme.


A much needed charity with an excellent service and publications.

An older veg*n recipient of Vintage Magazine and the Self-Advocacy Guide.


The advert was very clear. All the information you need is there. No messing about!

An older veg*n's thoughts on a VfL advert in Viva magazine.


I have been veggie most of my life and i have been vegan for the past 10ish years. It is really great to be a part of a mature vegan group, it seems to me viewing other groups, there are a lot of young vegans out there (which is brilliant ) but i was feeling rather alone (at 63). It's nice to be part of a community.

A member of the Mature Vegans and Veggies UK Facebook group.


I'm a vegan, and regularly cook for my mum in law, who eats better in company. I can now make 'traditional' dishes for her, me & my husband but make it vegan. One lot of cooking! Great! She actually likes the vegan meals, your book shows that it’s not difficult to swap the meat for something veg*n.

A veg*n commenting on Veganising Classic Dishes.




Excellent.  Thoroughly enjoyed the cooking demo.  Chef Alex has a wonderful rapport with the group.  Very entertaining and informative.  Lovely atmosphere and the two hours went very fast.  Don’t know how he managed to cook three dishes at the same time.  I learnt a lot.

A delighted attendee at a VfL cooking demo at Age UK Trafford.


The chef was a great teacher and changes will be made.

An inspired Cinnamon Care chef following their attendance at a Care Catering course with VfL.


I'm so impressed with the VfL site. It was really easy to find local homes in this area who adopt your approach.

Felicia Jones, Food Ladders Consultant.



Thank you for this eye-opening event and all the work you are doing. I look forward to seeing what continued impact you're going to have going forward. This meeting has been an eyeopener, thank you. It’s great to know people are out there trying to help and I love that this charity exists. Thank you for all the work you do 😊.

An attendee at The Civil Service Vegan Network.

This is excellent service - thank you!

A recipient of a VfL Publication

It’s great to read about this all too rare actual example of how the dietary and lifestyle choices of vegetarians and vegans should be respected by people caring for them. As a lifelong vegetarian I’m terrified that I may one day be unable to cook and shop for myself and be at the mercy of people with no understanding of how important being a vegetarian is to me. Examples like this give me hope! Keep up the great work, it is really appreciated.

An online supporter.



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