We love hearing feedback from people we’ve supported – it lets us know that we’re on the right track! You can read some of the highlights here.



I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the grant for my electric wheelchair, I’m enjoying more independence with the fab new chair.

A grant recipient, upon receiving their new wheelchair.


I have regular contact with two wonderful ladies. Thank you so much for connecting us.

A participant in V for Life’s pen- and phone-pal scheme.


A much needed charity with an excellent service and publications.

An older veg*n recipient of Vintage Magazine and the Self-Advocacy Guide.


That sounds exactly like something I'd like to get involved in, something to keep my mind active

An older veg*n upon hearing about the VfL pen- and phone-pal scheme.


I have been veggie most of my life and i have been vegan for the past 10ish years. It is really great to be a part of a mature vegan group, it seems to me viewing other groups, there are a lot of young vegans out there (which is brilliant ) but i was feeling rather alone (at 63). It's nice to be part of a community.

A member of the Mature Vegans and Veggies UK Facebook group.


I'm a vegan, and regularly cook for my mum in law, who eats better in company. I can now make 'traditional' dishes for her, me & my husband but make it vegan. One lot of cooking! Great! She actually likes the vegan meals, your book shows that it’s not difficult to swap the meat for something veg*n.

A veg*n commenting on Veganising Classic Dishes.




The training days were a great way to learn new recipes and come up with new ways to serve plant-based dishes.

Tracy Sutherland, Head of Hospitality at HC-One, about a V for Life caterer training course.


A few years ago you very kindly sent me an information pack with menus, recipes, advice etc. We have a new manager and we are looking towards reviewing and planning menus with more healthy choices.

A support worker requesting VfL resources to support a care home with a veg*n resident.


I work in a nursing home which has a vegan in, unfortunately her diet is overlooked, and carers give her ‘run of the mill’ tea and biscuits, etc – which infuriates me. I’ve seen the Vegan Rescue Pack booklet in a different care home and wonder if you could send one to me.

A care worker, using VfL resources to help change attitudes to veganism in care homes.



Excellent afternoon. Thank you to VfL for convening such a wonderful group of people to discuss issues relating to diet and identity in care.

An attendee at The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Vegetarianism and Veganism, which provides a forum for discussing issues around vegetarianism and veganism. The group is funded by The Vegan Society and Vegetarian for Life.

This is excellent service - thank you!

A recipient of a VfL Publication

It’s great to read about this all too rare actual example of how the dietary and lifestyle choices of vegetarians and vegans should be respected by people caring for them. As a lifelong vegetarian I’m terrified that I may one day be unable to cook and shop for myself and be at the mercy of people with no understanding of how important being a vegetarian is to me. Examples like this give me hope! Keep up the great work, it is really appreciated.

An online supporter.



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