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Vintage magazine (issue 3) out now

Posted by Amanda on 30/11/23 in VfL News and Events

It is with great pleasure that we bring you the latest issue of Vintage magazine.

VfL’s fundamental aim is to support older veg*ns and their caregivers, and several pages here demonstrate the amazing work being done across the UK.

We showcase our latest award winners, who are glowing examples of how provision for dietary diversity is immensely achievable and delicious. In addition, our spotlight on UK List members Angie Rahmani at Sunshine Care, and on Garden City Court, reveal the different people behind the scenes and how our resources help them day-to-day.

Thinking about the future, ensure your wishes are carried out as you want them with our helpful centrefold supplement covering Wills, Power of Attorney, and using your legacy to support our ongoing work.

We are proud to award grants to enable older veg*ns to lead more fulfilled lives. Several people have used theirs to find freedom with a much-loved scooter. Plus, find out about others supporting the community, such as VegfestUK founder Tim Barford, and Henry the dog, rescued from a Korean meat farm and now a vegetarian therapy dog.

There are also activity suggestions, from growing your own veg to hosting a pamper day, or using synthetic yarn to craft a fiddlemuff. In between these great reads are several recipe collections to inspire your efforts and tickle the tastebuds. From finger foods to festive spreads, why not try something new today?

For a paper copy of the magazine, please visit our online shop.


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