Write your will for free today

As V for Life is all too aware, there are many challenges to maintaining a vegan or veggie diet into later life – especially when your lifestyle or diet is dependent on someone else providing for you.

From ethical investments, through to protecting what you might end up eating if you get dementia, it can be important to have your affairs in order.

But did you know more than half of UK adults don’t have a will?

Although no one has to create a will, doing so ensures that your wishes will be carried out. Without a will, the state will decide where your money goes – which can result in a drawn out and expensive process for your loved ones.

If this concerns you, then we can help.

We’re offering you the chance to write your will for free in 30 minutes from the comfort of your own home. V for Life has teamed up with Farewill, the largest will writer in the UK, to give you all the professional support that you need.

Naturally, we hope that you will include V for Life in your will, but you don’t have to. If you decide that you can make such a generous gesture, you will be supporting people on their veg*n journey for generations to come.

To write your will free of charge (normally £90) visit farewill.com/vfl. The offer ends 1 May 2024.

If you'd rather book a telephone will-writing appointment, you can call Farewill on 020 8050 2686 or book a free callback. You must notify the Customer Support team at the start of the call that you are a V for life supporter.

Alternatively, you can call write your will over the phone with Farewill. Just call them on 020 8050 2686, and tell the Customer Support team you are a V for Life supporter.