Self-advocacy for vegans and vegetarians receiving care


Self-Advocacy Guide

We have put together a Self-Advocacy Guide for you to understand your rights in care. The guide details the relevant legislation and regulations that protect your right to a vegan or vegetarian diet. 

Download a copy of the Self-Advocacy Guide here

Alternatively you can purchase a paper copy here, or by calling 0161 257 0887.

Self-Advocacy: Further Reading and Resources 

These links take you to external sites. They give more information about the rules and regulations that are referred to in the Self-Advocacy Guide.

Vegetarian for Life 

Vegetarian for Life Care Home List 

Vegetarian for Life Memory Care Pledge 


Care Quality Commission (CQC) 

Care Inspectorate Scotland 

Care Inspectorate Wales 

Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) 

Legislation and Regulation 

Casamitjana Costa v The League Against Cruel Sports 2020 Ruling

CAB information on Human Rights and Care Providers

The Care Quality Commission information on guidance and regulations (for England)

RQIA information on guidance and regulations (Northern Ireland)

Care Inspectorate information on guidance and regulations (Scotland)

Care Inspectorate information on guidance and regulations (Wales) 

Mental Capacity Acts 

Mental Capacity Act (England and Wales) 

Mencap overview of Mental Capacity Act (England and Wales)  

Adults with Incapacity Act (Scotland) 

Mental Capacity Codes of Practice (Northern Ireland) 

Hospital Complaints and Advice 

NHS England, Hospital Patient Liaison Service (PALS)

NHS Wales, Community Health Council

NHS Scotland, Patient Advice Support Service (PASS)

NHS Northern Ireland, Patient and Client Council 

Northern Ireland information about making complaints

Local Government Ombudsmen 

England: Local Government Ombudsman

Wales: Public Services Ombudsman

Scotland: Scotland Public Services Ombudsman

Northern Ireland, Public Services Ombudsman

Mental Welfare Commission (Scotland) 

Scottish Commission for monitoring mental health and incapacity acts

Further Links 

Alzheimer’s Society ‘This is me’ form for people going into care. Can be used to record important details, such as diet, for people entering care.

Further Links (Scotland)

Healthcare Improvement Scotland Guide to Anticipatory Care Planning.

Alzheimers Scotland ‘Getting to know me’ form for people entering a care setting. This form allows space for a person to explain how they want to be cared for.

Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland Advance Statement. In Scotland, those who may lose capacity are encouraged to complete advance statements, explaining how their wishes for if they lose capacity. The link offers further information about this process.