Caroline Stockmann

Caroline contacted us with the story of her own meat-free journey.

"I have not eaten meat or meat products since 1988, so for 35 years. I’m now 61. My reason was simple: I heard that 1lb of meat production = 7lbs of grain, and we were taking away livelihoods for instance in South America for something which is highly inefficient. Of course the added benefits of eating healthier (no second-hand steroids, eating ‘first-hand’) appealed to me, and I was also very happy that I was not causing undue suffering.

"My daughter, born in 1999, was one of the healthiest babies around, I believe due to my diet. She is vegetarian now (though often only eats vegan), although my adopted son likes to eat meat. I don’t try to impose my views, just set an example. I used to experience criticism when people found out I didn’t eat meat, as if I was somehow judging others, although I never did, but thankfully that has gone away nowadays.

"I’m particularly pleased when I think of the number of animals not eaten by me over a period of 35 years. As others have said, it’s about values – and we all have different ones, and should respect others for that."