Gary Webster

V for Life spoke to actor Gary Webster about the changes becoming vegan has made to his life and outlook.

VfL: Have you noticed any differences between you and non-veggie friends of the same age?

"I think generally more people of my age are embracing a plant based diet if only for health reasons. Those that don’t are far more accepting of it than they ever used to be."

What is a typical day of food like for you?

"Fruit for breakfast, a vegan soup for lunch with additional tofu or meat free product such as a sausage. Dinner would have to be salad, vegan fish fingers, rice, followed by banana and vegan yogurt. My favourite go-to recipe has to be plant based burger, peas, mushrooms and chips! Or a vegan chilli"

How would you want to be treated and (if applicable) be cared for in later life?

"I wouldn’t. It's about the quality of life and not quantity so as soon as I started to decline badly enough for me to warrant being cared for, I would, if I could, be on the first plane to Switzerland to organise a wonderful party with my loved ones and any friends I might still have, and then say goodbye and shake off this mortal coil to then be buried in a biodegradable sack in a forest somewhere to give back to the planet what I have taken out!"