Karin Ridgers

VfL asked Karin Ridgers of VeggieVision TV how she would want to be treated and (if applicable) be cared for in later life.

"Seeing my long term vegan dad needing some support now is an eye opener. We had to take him supplies in hospital and seeing the food I just would never be able to eat it. We came across a vegan friendly meal replacement drink for him – he was sent some that were not vegan friendly and as he hates waste he was quite upset by this.

"Being vegan is my biggest core value. It would be abhorrent to me to not have my values respected. We all deserve to be treated with dignity."

What would you say to the 'older person' thinking of going vegetarian/vegan?

"Please do not think it is a decision just for teens and twenty somethings! In my opinion it can be a healthy lifestyle choice for all ages – as well as kinder a way of eating and living. If you feel brave and excited, then there are a lot of super recipes on the VfL website you can run with. If you need to take smaller steps then why not go for some easy swaps to start with?

"Try soya or oat milk to replace cow milk, try dairy free butter such as Pure, try vegan meats to replace meat in your recipes – all I have ever heard over the past 30 years is: 'I wish I went vegan sooner!'"

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