Lina Blomfield

In 1967, The British Vegetarian reported on the 100th birthday of Lina Blomfield.

Mrs. Lina Blomfield reached her 100th birthday on Saturday, 6th May 1967. She lives with her son, Allan Blomfield, and his wife at 36 Grand Avenue, Worthing, Sussex. Before her marriage she was a professional dance pianist.

When she was eight her mother bought her a secondhand grand piano for £5 from the famous Mr. Brinsmead, and she remembers him saying to her mother, “Time to music is like a pendulum to a clock." Mrs. Blomfield still plays every day both old and present-day tunes. Last year on her 99th birthday a tape recording of her playing the piano was broadcast in "Woman's Hour" by Marjorie Anderson. She has been a vegetarian for fifty years.

She is an ardent radio listener. Her favourite programmes are: Any Questions?, Friday Night is Music Night, Those Were the Days, Woman's Hour, and the Sunday morning services. Her son tells the story of his mother saying after listening to a play,

"I don't like all this violence they have on the radio nowadays. But I don't mind a bit of sex."

Her sight is not good enough for her to see television or to read, but she writes many letters every week, and although she cannot see what she was written. her writing is very legible.

She is a good conversationalist, keeps a daily diary and a book with anecdotes and sayings which she jots down as they come to her.

In 1961 Mrs. Blomfield and her late husband, Mr. Lewis Blomfield, celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary when living in Finchley. They received a tele-gram with warm congratulations from the Queen.