Victoria Featherstone Pearce

Victoria Featherstone Pearce is a model and actress, as well as the Co-Founder and Director of K-9 Angels, a volunteer-run dog rescue charity. 

We asked what she would say to the older person thinking of going vegan.

"I would say you would absolutely not regret adopting a vegan diet, you’d only wish you’d done this sooner but it’s never too late. You know for the rest of your life you will be doing your bit not only to save the lives of billions of innocent animals. You’ll also be helping the future of our planet too." 

How would you want to be treated and (if applicable) be cared for in later life?

"I would like to know that if in my older years I wasn’t completely able to make all decisions for myself that I was cared for with respect and dignity and my wishes of being given a vegan diet and lifestyle would continue. Veganism runs in my veins and in my heart so this would be extremely important to me that this would continue until the end of my days."

Instagram: victoriapearcewriter