Wendy Turner-Webster

Wendy Turner-Webster is an award winning animal rights campaigner, writer and public speaker. We asked when and why she started her vegetarian/vegan journey.

"I was 12 years old and was eating Sunday lunch, which my mum had cooked for the family. It was the usual lamb chops. We had the television on and I saw lambs running around in a field. They looked so sweet and suddenly the penny dropped… I was eating them! I spat out what was in my mouth and never ate meat again. My mum and dad soon followed! When I was 25 I read a leaflet from PETA and became aware of the horrors of the dairy industry. I became vegan instantly and have never looked back!

"Being a vegan in today’s society is easy and there is no taste or food textures that you need to miss out on. When I became vegan over 30 years ago the choice was extremely limited, but now any café or restaurant worth its salt will have plenty of veggie or vegan options. And as for the supermarket, it’s almost a pleasure to go… almost!!! Sadly, over the years I have seen a huge amount of animal cruelty in the meat and dairy industries, and it is as bad today as it has always been. When you have a vegan diet/lifestyle at least you can gain comfort from not being a part of such dreadful suffering. And it is only a matter of time… one day the whole world will be vegan, and be a much better place for it."