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Catering for vegans and vegetarians (veg*ns) needn’t be difficult. You don’t need to serve completely different dishes. This guide contains recipes for 14 classic, traditional dishes, which can be made vegan with a few simple swaps. You'll also find useful tips and shortcuts, such as how best to cater for veg*ns when preparing a Sunday lunch or a BBQ.

You can purchase a paper copy here, or by calling 0161 257 0887.

Veganising Classic Dishes

When catering for veg*ns you are supporting their identity, life choices, and individuality. This stuff is important. Take an interest in the choices that residents make. There’s no point spending hours creating dishes that won’t be enjoyed. Veg*ns are a broad group. Some enjoy mock meat products, others prefer less processed foods and wholefoods.

We hope that this short collection of recipes will give you some new ideas and inspiration.

Primary Audience

The publication primarily provides advice for professional chefs and those catering for older people.

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