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Treat your pooch on International Dog Day, 26 August

International Dog Day is 26 August; what better excuse to make your favourite canine pal a vegan dog treat?  There are about 470 million pet dogs in the world and an increasing number of pet owners are considering a plant-based diet for their furry friends. Did you know that dogs can thr...


Posted by Ollie on 26/08/23 in Recipes

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Eating with the seasons

Nowadays we have become used to using supermarkets and finding foods all year round. You can get salads at any time and even buy strawberries at Christmas. With current consumerism and supermarkets wanting to meet our food tastes and demands, we often forget that food has seasons. However, by eatin...


Posted by Claire on 08/08/23 in Articles and Life After Retirement and Recipes

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