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Tips and advice about eating a nutritious vegetarian or vegan diet.

Osteoporosis – some of VfL’s best recipes to promote bone health

June is Osteoporosis Awareness Month; being vegan or vegetarian you may wonder if osteoporosis can affect you. Osteoporosis is a bone disease that develops when bone mineral density and bone mass decreases, also when the structure and strength of bone changes. This can lead to a decrease in bone st...


Posted by Claire on 08/06/23 in Nutritional Advice

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Be allergen aware

Enjoying food is such an important part of the human experience. From big social functions to day-to-day living, good food is paramount. But what should you do when cooking for people with food allergies and what can you do if you don’t know ahead of time? Or if you yourself are diagnosed in ...


Posted by Alex on 15/04/23 in Nutritional Advice and Recipes

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Top tips for eating better this Nutrition and Hydration Week

Nutrition and Hydration Week begins on 14 March. This annual event aims to re-energise conversation and promote top tips on the ways to best maintain health and wellbeing – something that can easily be neglected as we get older. One in ten older people doesn...


Posted by Claire on 13/03/22 in Nutritional Advice

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