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Nominations for VfL’s prestigious Awards for Excellence in Veg*n Care Catering are now open!

We're on the lookout for 2024's rising stars in vegan and vegetarian care catering. At VfL, we think that care caterers who make a special effort to create delicious and nutritious vegan and vegetarian meals deserve special recognition. This year marks the eighth VfL Awards for Exce...


Posted by Amanda on 13/06/24 in Cooking on a Budget and VfL News and Events

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Make real savings this World Vegan Month

It’s the time of the year when crisp mornings make us think about heating our homes or craving a warm meal. What both have in common is price. Needless to say, since all costs are going up, we wonder where we could ‘pinch’ a penny or two. However, worry no longer; use Vegan Mo...


Posted by Justina on 14/11/23 in Cooking on a Budget and Recipes

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Cooking at Christmas, watching the budget

Christmas is a time for celebrations and traditions. For many the ritual of familiar brings comfort and reassurance. However, with price rises in just about every part of our lives, some financial adjustment is inevitable. With that in mind and with a little forward planning – perhaps a few sm...


Posted by Alex on 30/11/22 in Cooking on a Budget and Recipes

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