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A collection of vegetarian and vegan recipes submitted by you. If you'd like to have a recipe featured on our blog, please get in touch.

Celebrate national ice cream day

V for Life Roving Chef Justina shows us some easy, no-machine vegan ice cream and sorbet recipes, with some great ideas for different ingredients, flavours and colours to make the most of those summer days. See what cool combinations you can come up with! Ice cream is one of th...


Posted by Justina on 18/07/24 in Recipes

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While watching Wimbledon this summer, try a serving of strawberries

VfL Roving Chef, Oliver Bragg, says we should make the most of this summer fruit. Strawberries hold a special place in British culture, especially during the summer months. Their vibrant red hue and sweet, juicy flavour make them a seasonal favourite. However, their significance extends beyond just...


Posted by Ollie on 02/07/24 in Recipes

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Happy World ‘Mocktail’ Day

It might be strange to celebrate a day like this but let’s take it as an opportunity to hydrate. With especially warm days ahead of us, we might need to be a little more inventive if we’re caring for someone who’s less keen to drink water. You will learn some tips and tricks on how...


Posted by Justina on 09/05/24 in Recipes

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