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A place for us to respond to questions you may have. Please contact us with your questions, and if appropriate, we'll reply in this section of the blog.

When you need to complain about your hospital care

Here at VfL, we sometimes speak with patients who tell us about any problems they have had with their care while they are in hospital. As a member of the VfL Supporter Services team with a background in NHS complaints handling, I thought I would share my guide on what to do if this happens to ...


Posted by Lisa on 15/09/23 in Questions Answered

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Five ways to futureproof your veg*n diet from dementia

Individuals choose veganism and vegetarianism for a number of reasons, whether that is ethical, environmental, health, or even religious. Our approach to life and our cherished beliefs can often be threatened by Alzheimer’s disease, the most common type of dementia in the UK. This cruel illne...


Posted by Oliver on 03/03/21 in Questions Answered and VfL News and Events

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