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A series of articles with a broader topic of life after retirement.

Upholding diversity and beliefs of people with disabilities in care settings

This International Day of People with Disabilities we focus on the importance of ensuring an inclusive and caring environment for everyone. Since 1992, this has been a day of reflection on how we all might understand disability better, and better support the rights and well-being of people with dis...


Posted by Guest on 05/12/23 in Articles and Life After Retirement

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Veggie Voices: Fascinating online exhibition tells stories of veg*n pioneers, past and present

National Older Veg*ns Day 1 October 2023 The United Kingdom has a rich history of vegetarianism and veganism, with pioneers of the UK movement residing in Manchester as early as the 18th century. Salford’s first MP was notably a passionate vegetarian, as was suffragette Leonora Cohen. More...


Posted by Amanda on 14/10/23 in Articles and Life After Retirement and VfL News and Events

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Eating with the seasons

Nowadays we have become used to using supermarkets and finding foods all year round. You can get salads at any time and even buy strawberries at Christmas. With current consumerism and supermarkets wanting to meet our food tastes and demands, we often forget that food has seasons. However, by eatin...


Posted by Claire on 08/08/23 in Articles and Life After Retirement and Recipes

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