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Tickle your tastebuds this Easter!

An amazing time of year, Easter is traditionally a time to indulge in cheeky chocolate and delicious dinners, either by yourself or together with others. By making your treats vegan, you will ensure that everyone can enjoy and join in with the celebrations. Perhaps you are planning an Easter meal w...


Posted by Claire on 21/03/24 in Recipes

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30 years vegan: A Supermum’s journey of plant-powered living

Veganuary was a huge success this year with 1.8m people signing up to the annual challenge. With this in mind – and with Mother's Day just around the corner – this month we chatted to Sue, a mum of five and a long–term vegan who made the transition from vegetarian over 30 years...


Posted by Claire on 27/02/24 in Articles and Life After Retirement

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Valentine’s day luxury vegan shopping challenge

We recently set our Roving Chefs a £3.50 per head vegan shopping challenge at Waitrose, Lidl, and Heron Foods. Can you guess which luxury vegan dish came from each supermarket? Watch the reveal here.


Posted by Tom on 14/02/24 in VfL News and Events

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